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The Jinshawan Industrial Park in Hukou County, Jiangxi Province, located on the South Bank of the dividing point of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is a provincial-level industrial park oriented towards heavy chemical industry. Since its establishment, the park has achieved a "win-win" between industrial economic development and ecological protection by increasing scientific and technological investment, developing circular economy and strengthening ecological environmental protection, and successfully blazed a path of green rise of industrial economy

the introduction of projects pays attention to the content of science and technology. In order to continuously expand and strengthen the industry if continuous experiments cannot be carried out, and enhance the potential for development, Hukou county actively guides and helps enterprises to promote technological transformation around "energy conservation, reduction of pollution emissions, comprehensive utilization of resources, development of new products, adoption of new processes and technologies, and introduction of advanced equipment". Since last year, there have been 18 technological transformation projects in Jinshawan Industrial Park. For example, Lantian glass has implemented "waste water recycling", fidelity chemical has implemented "comprehensive energy conservation", Lianda metallurgical company has invested more than 50million yuan to implement "coal to gas technological transformation project", Zhongwei technology has implemented "tailings recycling comprehensive utilization project", and a total of 4.07 billion yuan has been invested in technological transformation, including high-temperature heat source, fire source and open fire. Not only that, the county has also won national energy conservation and emission reduction incentive funds, support funds and discount subsidies for enterprises. In recent two years, the county has won more than 30million yuan of national incentive funds for energy conservation projects for blue sky glass, Heqiang glass, Zhongwei technology and other enterprises

actively explore the circular development mode. Hukou county has created two industrial chains of ecological circular economy to make full use of by-products and wastes in the production process of enterprises. The chemical ecological industrial chain with Zhongwei technology and xinkangda as the core has gathered more than 20 enterprises, including Longda viscose, Tianci chemical, Nobel chemical, etc. Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and caustic soda required by chemical enterprises in the park are provided by Zhongwei technology and xinkangda respectively, which not only saves transportation costs, but also is safe and reliable. In the production process, Zhongwei technology can produce 120000 tons of steam per year to meet the heating needs of five surrounding chemical enterprises, stop the use of four 60000 tons of coal-fired boilers, save 20000 tons of coal for the park every year, and reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide by 500 tons. The steel plant supporting and by-product comprehensive utilization industrial chain with Jiujiang steel plant as the core has gathered nearly 30 enterprises, such as MCC environmental protection, Lianda pellet, refractory materials, etc. the by-products and wastes in the production process of each enterprise have been fully utilized and have also produced good benefits

improve the environmental access threshold for projects entering the park. Hukou County strictly implements the environmental impact assessment, the "three Simultaneities" of environmental protection and the emission compliance system, resolutely forbids the projects with heavy pollution and can not have the maximum 6 tensile experimental space (mm) 600 effect treatment from entering the park, and strictly controls the projects with high resource and energy consumption and high environmental risks. Strengthen the construction of environmental facilities in the park, and invest more than 3million yuan to build the first county-level industrial park environmental monitoring center in Jiangxi Province to monitor the pollution discharge status of enterprises in the park 24 hours a day to ensure that enterprises meet the emission standards; Invest 60million yuan to build a sewage treatment plant in the industrial park, so that the sewage of each enterprise will change from single standard discharge to centralized standard discharge; Take enterprises as the main body, actively carry out cleaner production, promote resource conservation and efficient utilization, and reduce the generation and emission of pollutants. Pay attention to the protection of the natural ecological environment in the park. During the construction of the project, the county strives to maintain the continuity and integrity of the landscape pattern and the earth body in the park, does not destroy the land and vegetation, vigorously improves the forest coverage and greening rate of the park, and builds a green park

the power of science and technology is promoting the green rise of Hukou industry. From January to August this year, the main business income of Hukou Jinshawan Industrial Park was 12.09 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 101%, ranking 11th in Jiangxi Industrial Park. From January to September, the total financial revenue of Hukou County reached 760million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 104%. It is expected that the total financial revenue of the county this year will exceed 1billion yuan. The total fiscal volume is expected to rank among the top 20 in Jiangxi Province

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