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The artificial intelligence international R & D center of Pengcheng laboratory was officially established. Shenxiangyang, Yang Qiang and Ramesh Jain took three major projects to settle in Lei Feng AI technology review note: in the afternoon of January 23, 2019, the unveiling ceremony of the artificial intelligence international R & D center of Pengcheng laboratory was held in Shenzhen Hong Kong Collaborative Innovation Center, Futian District, Shenzhen. As the "bridgehead" for Pengcheng laboratory to participate in global artificial intelligence research and development, the first three high-level international projects have been fully settled

yesterday's unveiling ceremony was presided over by zoupeng, executive deputy director of Pengcheng laboratory. Liangyongsheng, director of Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Gaowen, director of Pengcheng laboratory, gaoshengyuan, President of Futian District, and Yang Qiang, President of Hong Kong artificial intelligence and Robotics Society attended the unveiling ceremony

after the ceremony, Professor Lige, director of the artificial intelligence center of Pengcheng laboratory, reported the first three international projects to the participants, which involved the theoretical research of smart finance, the application research of smart finance and the independent health research

Lei Feng's AI technology review combs the projects as follows:

intelligent financial theory research project

guided by the development of artificial intelligence and the new generation of Informatics, focuses on the frontier research field of financial Informatics, and carries out research on basic scientific issues and frontier technical challenges in machine learning theory, computational finance, modern statistics, natural language processing, modern cryptography and other related fields

Project Leader: shenxiangyang

academician of the British Academy of Engineering

IEEE fellow of the American electrical and Electronic Engineering Association

ACM fellow of the International Computer Association

former member of the editorial board of the International Journal of computing vision

chairman of the agenda of the International Conference on computer vision

research direction:

computer vision, graphics, human-computer interaction, statistical learning The research tasks of the pattern recognition and robot

project include:

exploring around the basic theory and cutting-edge science of intelligent financial informatics

developing research platforms and industrial applications with intelligent financial technology as the core

providing technical consultation and social services on demand

carrying out interdisciplinary talent team construction and talent training

carrying out foreign academic exchanges and industry university research cooperation

ultimate goal of the project:

To the international leading level in basic financial theories and algorithms, and enhance China's international position in the field of smart finance

realize the practicality and industrialization of a number of research results, and create social and economic values

become a talent incubation base in the field of artificial intelligence finance, and help the development of China's financial technology

intelligent financial application research project

carry out the exploration and application of artificial intelligence in the field of golden side, solve the corresponding problems under the task of banking industry's own development and transformation under the background of reform, innovation and intensified competition, use the relevant technologies of artificial intelligence in more banking businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs and create value, and reduce the bank's operating costs through unmanned customer interaction; Effectively improve user experience through personalized financial services; Improve the bank's risk management capability through intelligent information identification

Project Leader: Yang Qiang

the first AAAI Chinese fellow of the International Ai Association

the only AAAI Chinese Executive Committee

the first Chinese chairman of the IJCAI Council of the International Ai Federation

ccf professional member, outstanding speaker

acmx, AAAI, IEEE, AAAs IAPR fellow

Title Professor of Hong Kong University of science and technology and former dean of Computer Department

research objectives of the project:

Banking: Using AI related technologies in banking to improve efficiency, reduce costs and create value

information identification: intelligent information identification improves the bank's risk management ability

customer interaction: unmanned customer interaction reduces the operating cost of the bank

financial services: personalized financial services can effectively improve the user experience

independent health research project

independent health topics collect, analyze and use various daily behaviors and medical data to build personal health models and disease models. The subject will establish a personal health information database based on various information related to physiology, biochemistry, exercise behavior, life mode, dietary intake, social psychology and diseases, and do a good job in dynamic and continuous monitoring of personal health data; Through the analysis of dynamic multi-source heterogeneous personal health information and multimodal health knowledge map, real-time and individualized health plan customization and disease risk prediction are realized; And with "data information knowledge decision" as the core, build an intelligent cloud platform for personal health and disease management, and form a series of demonstration applications.

Project Leader: Ramesh jain

professor of the University of California Irvine

future health center The first director of ACM, IEEE, AAAs, AAAI, IAPR and SPIE fellow

won the ACM sigmm technical achievement award, which represents the highest honor of international multimedia.

research has promoted the establishment of the risk compensation mechanism for the first batch of new materials:

in recent years, it has paid attention to the research and application in the field of medical treatment and health management, and put forward personal health metadata The concept of (health personality) aims to efficiently and quickly connect users, networks and physical resources related to individual health.

research objectives of the project:

data collection: realize holographic personal health information collection by various means, and establish a dynamic, multi-source and heterogeneous large-scale comprehensive health data knowledge base.

data analysis: according to the representation of individual health information map, form a database that can be analyzed according to health status and real-time situation An intelligent algorithm for personalized and interpretable health behavior recommendation

health guidance: build an intelligent cloud service platform for personal health and disease management, and provide users' health guidance to cloud service platform users

solve world-class big scientific problems

it is understood that in the big chess game of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District, Hetao Shenzhen Hong Kong scientific and technological innovation cooperation zone will be built at a high level, the international development of innovative industries such as artificial intelligence, microelectronics, health medicine and new materials will be arranged, and efforts will be made to give full play to the scientific and technological innovation engine of Dawan District, which will eventually lead to jaw slipping in the process of tensile experiment. Under this background, it is of strategic significance for Pengcheng laboratory to build an artificial intelligence international R & D center in this region, which is also a milestone for the accelerated development and international development of the laboratory in the new year

Gaowen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of Pengcheng laboratory, said in his speech yesterday that with the support of municipal and district leaders and the joint efforts of all parties, the international R & D center was quickly launched in just twoorthree months, and the first batch of high-level international projects were successfully launched, once again demonstrating the speed of Shenzhen

in his speech yesterday, liangyongsheng, director of Shenzhen Science and innovation Commission, expressed his expectations for the development of the international R & D center of artificial intelligence with "three I's accompanied by a roaring salute". He said that internationalization, innovation and industry are the three elements of the development of AI international R & D center, that is, we should adhere to the international route, open and collaborative innovation spirit, and deeply integrate and resonate with the industries in Futian District. He is looking forward to the breakthrough of the laboratory to solve the world-class big scientific problems

yewenge, deputy head of Futian District, on behalf of the Futian District Party committee and government, extended warm congratulations on the settlement of the artificial intelligence international R & D center in Futian District. In his speech yesterday, he said that Hong Kong has gathered world-class scientific research institutions and international high-end talents in the field of artificial intelligence. Shenzhen ranks first in the country in the electronic information industry. The Shenzhen Hong Kong scientific and technological innovation cooperation zone has unique regional advantages in the deep integration of industry, University and research, transportation supporting facilities and institutional innovation. Futian District government will focus on solving the problems of scientific research sites, talent introduction and guarantee, and industrialization, and fully support the development of Artificial Intelligence International R & D center

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