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Huizhou Daya Bay attracts Taiwan enterprises to build an important global rubber production base recently, Huizhou lichangrong Rubber Co., Ltd., which is located in Daya Bay, is investing in technological upgrading to improve the quality of hydrogenated solution styrene butadiene rubber products and strive to build Huizhou into the world's largest solution styrene butadiene rubber production base

huangjunjie, general manager of the company, introduced that Taiwan lichangrong group is the largest solvent and emulsifier manufacturer in Taiwan. Due to its focus on the supply guarantee of upstream raw materials for the two world-class petrochemical projects (CNOOC Shell project and CNOOC oil refining project) in Daya Bay petrochemical zone, as early as 2006, lichangrong group opened Huizhou lichangrong rubber company in Daya Bay petrochemical zone

"when we chose to settle in Daya Bay, we were interested in the partition wall supply of CNOOC and shell. The raw materials styrene and butadiene required by our products are supplied by CNOOC and shell, and their raw materials are the best." Huangjunjie said that in the future, with the commissioning of CNOOC oil refining phase II project, Huizhou lichangrong will become the largest solution SBR production base of our group in the world. Therefore, the 50kN electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine will be selected for compression test in the research and development of the base in Taiwan, and it will also be transferred to Huizhou step by step. Recently, the company has carried out technical upgrading and transformation to improve the quality of its main hydrogenated solution styrene butadiene rubber products, actively developed the production and manufacturing of medical grade composite materials, developed rubber raw materials for energy-saving green tires, and established and improved technical service and R & D centers (newly established hydrogenation catalyst laboratory and technical service experiment center)

according to the introduction, lichangrong group has set up three production bases of solution SBR in the United States, Taiwan and Huizhou, with a total annual output of 500000 tons of solution SBR, accounting for 19% of the global market share of similar products, of which the output value of Huizhou lichangrong accounts for 70%, reaching 350000 tons. The hydrogenated solution styrene butadiene rubber project with better technical content and product quality has been put into trial operation at the end of June this year. It is estimated that the annual output will be 35000 tons in 2017. In the near future, it is planned to expand the production to 40000 tons per year, with an output value of 120million US dollars

the company's main products include solution SBR and hydrogenated solution SBR, which are mainly used for mixing plastics, such as wires and cables, auto parts, soles, asphalt modification, adhesives and medical equipment. At present, the company has a total assets of 1.3 billion and covers an area of 170000 square meters

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