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Peng Shou: promoting China's glass industry to leap from following to leading

12, Peng Shou, deputy to the National People's Congress and President of China building materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute, was a guest of the Xinhua 2018 national two sessions special interview. When talking about the innovation and development of the glass industry, he said that in recent years, through the efforts in scientific and technological innovation, the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization capacity of China's glass industry is moving from following to leading. The following is the content of the interview: host: in recent years, the glass industry has made a lot of progress in scientific and technological innovation. It is understood that CNBM has won the national science and Technology Progress Award for many times in recent years. What scientific and technological breakthroughs do we have to support it

Peng Shou: innovation is the driving force for China's leading development in recent years. Under the guidance of innovation, in recent years, we have driven industrial upgrading with technological upgrading and product innovation with scientific and technological innovation. We have made a series of innovations around the ultra-thin, functional, high permeability and large-scale of glass, and have made many achievements, some of which have become leaders. We have mainly developed glass in several fields

I: in the field of display glass, it mainly develops display modules for, tablet computers and LCD TVs. The innovative achievements have also made the general public feel more gain, which is reflected in the substantial reduction in the use costs of consumers. Many years ago,, computers and televisions were very expensive. Now the prices are much cheaper. A large part of the reason is that the cost of display glass has been reduced. The glass of a display screen can account for 40% of the cost of the whole product, so the technological innovation of the glass has pushed the cost of the whole product down

II: in the new energy industry and photovoltaic glass field, we provide substrate and cover glass for crystalline silicon solar cells, breaking the foreign monopoly. Whether it is monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon, or how thin the solar cell is, the rotation of the test piece of this machine is driven by the machine and electricity. There is a glass substrate. We have developed this glass. It needs high permeability and does not refract, so it is difficult to develop this glass, but we have also made it

III: Daily automobile glass. China's automobile industry has developed rapidly. Previous data showed that these automotive glasses basically need to be imported, but now we can produce them independently. As we all know, why did Fuyao Glass have the courage to go to the United States? Because our glass technology has reached the advanced level, our products are directly used in the United States after they are made in the United States

in addition, we also have considerable technical reserves in the field of special glass, such as aerospace, deep-sea exploration and high-speed rail glass. Through our efforts, we have made great progress in recent years, which has promoted the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization ability of China's glass industry from following to leading

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