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Penglai public security level 4 work video conference system ctiforum news on July 13 (Jiaqi): it is reported that Penglai Public Security Bureau has deployed the city's public security work high-definition video conference system together with the industry's most famous brand - video conference. Through the public security internal network, it has established convenience projects such as police station, police room and fire control, and realized the real-time communication of audio and video between the Municipal Bureau, grass-roots branch and police station, At present, when the police force is very tense, the application of handling cases and office work has saved a lot of police force for the grass-roots level. It effectively ensured the linkage between the upper and lower levels of public security organs, unimpeded information, timely and remote command and dispatching, and comprehensively improved the overall level of public security work, the overall quality of the team, and the people's sense of security and satisfaction


according to the application requirements of Penglai Public Security Bureau and the current situation of the existing four-level public security network, visual has designed the most practical and economic solution. It uses the visual interconnection module to interconnect with the provincial hall in the information center of the Municipal Bureau; All sub bureaus and police stations attended the meeting in the form of desktop meeting

the system has continuously improved the command and communication system, comprehensively accelerated the business information system, gradually improved the level of information sharing and comprehensive application, promoted the transformation of the work mode of combating crime, improved the efficiency of solving cases, timely dispatched the police force to carry out targeted attacks, and improved the pertinence and effectiveness of the attacks. Establish and improve the multi police cooperation mechanism, establish and improve the rapid response mechanism, and form a joint combat force. It will be built into a modern alarm Acceptance Center, command and dispatching center, information center and urban anti-terrorism emergency center to realize visual command and dispatching

at this time

◆ working conference: the excellent technology and function of video conference can fully ensure that the city's Public Security Bureau can hold various types of working conferences, carry out various political activities, and ensure the flexible and accurate policy communication of pendulum and other sports institutions, all staff meetings, leaders' speeches and other series of applications

◆ remote case detection: mutual assistance between police stations, real-time image and voice communication on the progress of various cases, and promote the work process of case detection

◆ remote battle command: with strong mobility and excellent audio and video synchronization, you can clearly see the scene in coastal and mountainous areas in the command center, and realize remote multi-party dispatching in the command center, so as to realize the fastest command transmission, the best deployment arrangement and the fastest front and rear information feedback

◆ remote training: the system can realize applications such as electronic whiteboard, document sharing, file transmission, etc. the daily business training of the public security system, the life of Party members and the training of various OA systems are all solved through this system, which greatly improves the working ability of the police and meets the remote training needs of the public security business

◆ conference storage function: the tensile strength of the whole process of video conference can be realized through the conference storage server, which is higher than the real-time storage of new HDPE pipe materials. It is very practical for the archiving of important conferences and on-demand after the conference

◆ customers commented on the excellent performance of the video conference system in the national public security system, which was highly praised by the public security industry and won the second prize of the science and technology progress award. After ten years of sharpening a sword, SVW will continue to contribute to strengthening the police through science and technology and helping the people's police serve the people with its outstanding innovation ability and extraordinary service spirit


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