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Technological innovation ability improves the output of non-ferrous metals, ranking first in the world.

China's first "1+4" hot rolled aluminum production line of aluminum Southwest Corporation of China aluminum industry, which has the world's advanced level of aluminum processing

since the founding of new China 60 years ago, China's nonferrous gold means that the new copper alloy functional materials produced by Guoliang copper have been certified by the national authority. 4. The industrial output has achieved continuous growth by using special tools to clamp samples. In 2008, the output of ten non-ferrous metals was 25.2 million tons, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years. The output of primary aluminum and lead has ranked first in the world for 8 consecutive years, and the output of zinc has ranked first in the world for 13 consecutive years. China is also the world's largest producer, application and exporter of rare earth resources, occupying a dominant and dominant position in the international market. In 2008, China produced 125000 tons of rare earth mineral products, ranking first in the world in terms of smelting and separation products, rare earth permanent magnet materials, luminescent materials and hydrogen storage materials. In addition, China is also the largest gold producer and the second largest consumer in the world, and has formed a complete gold industrial system, with a gold output of 282 tons in 2008

in 2008, the main business income of Enterprises above Designated Size in the non-ferrous metal industry was 2100billion yuan. The total volume of import and export trade was 87.365 billion US dollars. The industrial technological innovation capability has been significantly improved, and the technical equipment has made significant progress. The production processes of electrolytic aluminum, copper smelting, lead smelting and zinc smelting have entered the world's advanced ranks. The unit energy consumption of major products has decreased significantly, and breakthroughs have been made in the development of overseas resources

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