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Technological innovation drives value upgrading John Deere will bring new products to the 13th Beijing BICES 2015

technological innovation drives value upgrading John Deere will bring new products to the 13th Beijing BICES 2015

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as China's economy enters the new normal, the adjustment of China's construction machinery industry continues further, solving overcapacity and realizing transformation and upgrading have become new issues facing the industry. On September 22nd, 2015, the 13th China Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition (BICES) will be held in Beijing International Exhibition Center. With the theme of "exquisite and new quality, building a dream of China", this exhibition will not only build a value exchange platform for exhibitors and visitors in the international construction machinery industry, but also look forward to the future development of China's construction machinery industry

it is reported that John Deere will bring wl53 loader, 326e skid steer loader, E140 excavator, E260 excavator, E360 excavator, 6068H engine and other products to this BICES exhibition

technical leather long fiber injection process (hereinafter referred to as "LFI") is a series of system solutions developed by Klaus mafi for fiber-reinforced lightweight structure, which newly drives the upgrading of user value.

with the implementation of the national industrial transformation and upgrading strategy and the increasingly complex working conditions, Chinese users have increasingly strong demand for high-quality construction machinery products. As the world's top construction machinery manufacturer, John Deere has been committed to meeting the needs of the Chinese consumer market and developing construction machinery products suitable for the Chinese market since he officially entered the Chinese construction machinery market in 2012. 326e skid steer loaders, wl53 loaders, E140 excavators, E260 excavators, E360 excavators, 6068H engines and other products that are about to enter this BICES exhibition cover the high and middle end market product system of construction machinery, and fully meet the personalized needs of Chinese users with their three core values of high production efficiency, long normal working hours and low daily operation cost

(John Deere E360 excavator)

the pure imported 326e skid steer loader from the United States is the product representative of Chinese users who "call for help before they come out". This 326e skid steer loader, which is highly popular in China, has been ranked among the top three in the world in terms of sales performance in European and American markets. Its power, fuel economy, vision and loading performance are highly competitive. With the rapid growth of domestic labor cost and the continuous specialization of user construction, the skid steer loader has been recognized by more and more users. Although this product has not introduced a production line in China at present, it has been popular with Chinese users just after it was listed in China, and its potential market can not be underestimated

(John Deere 326e skid steer loader)

the appearance of wl53 loader, which is famous for its ultra-high cost performance, in this exhibition will also arouse people's heated discussion on the middle-end market of loaders. Compared with wl56, a high-end machine, wl53 loader has made a number of upgrades in product performance, but it is more user-friendly in price, truly achieving noble quality and civilian price. The launch of this product not only further improves John Deere's product line, but also fills the gap of cost-effective products in the mid-range market of construction machinery and solves the pain points of mid-range loader users

(John Deere wl53 loader)

the three excavators presented at this exhibition are also a highlight of John Deere's exhibition. Excavators E260 and E360 are famous for their strong operating performance and low energy consumption. Their comprehensive advantages, such as long operating time, high productivity and low daily operating cost, fully meet users' expectations for high cost performance and large tonnage excavators. The newly developed excavator E140 is more in line with the user's demand for small tonnage excavators. With the significant increase in the proportion of domestic construction machinery miniaturization, small tonnage excavators have become increasingly popular in the market in recent years. This small tonnage excavator, which will be launched next year, will further expand John Deere's product line and market coverage

at present, the market pattern of China's construction machinery is undergoing profound changes, and the demand of Chinese users for construction machinery products is also gradually changing. The market tends to be value oriented and cost-effective products. From the introduction of international quality skid steer loaders, to the market coverage of medium and high-end full range products, and then to the all-round market entry of large and small tonnage excavators, John Deere's machinery Corps in this BICES exhibition also marked John Deere's comprehensive entry into China's construction machinery market. While further solving the application needs of China's medium and high-end users, John Deere led the new value upgrading of Chinese users and the industry

create a green value chain to help the industry take off

since John Deere entered China, he has been committed to the research and development of greener, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. He has continuously strengthened his efforts in product research and development and production, charged at the first line of energy conservation and emission reduction, and become a model of environmental protection enterprises. By the end of 2014, John Deere's energy-saving projects had achieved a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of operating income. Among all products in China, John Deere has been equipped with a full set of advanced low harmful pollutant paint systems, which is currently the only one in China. John Deere's factory in Tianjin has won the "excellent enterprise award for environmental protection" issued by the Management Committee of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone for two consecutive years

John Deere powertech6, which will be exhibited in this exhibition, is about to check the 068h engine. It is also a breakthrough in the product power of John Deere. This engine has the characteristics of high reliability, strong power, economy, fuel saving, long service life and so on. Its better fuel efficiency will make it a new force for John Deere to strive to be a pioneer in environmental protection

at present, the growth rate of China's construction machinery industry is declining, and the market situation is grim. John Deere, who has scientific and technological strength and enterprise strength, is full of confidence in China's construction machinery market. Through scientific and technological innovation again and again, John Deere has led the enterprise to change its structure, materials and products. John Deere has achieved counter trend growth and grown into a "golden deer" in the construction machinery industry. From September 22 to September 25, John Deere, the "golden deer", will once again jump the BICES exhibition, which will bring a new value experience to dealers in China. At that time, John Deere at booth S221 will set up interesting interactive games such as excavator simulator for the audience, so that the audience can appreciate the magic of engineering machinery in the process of virtual space control. The huge power corps and creative interaction mode indicate John Deere's strategic intention to reach sincere cooperation with Chinese dealers, which is bound to cause a "green technology storm" in the industry and inject new blood into BICES exhibition

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