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Hollysys: grasp the pulse of the industry and lead the "way" of PLC development

in China's industrial automation market, the sales of PLC has been growing at a double-digit percentage. Although many domestic PLC manufacturers have developed and their market share has increased to a certain extent, imported PLC has always occupied more than 80% of the market share. How to make more Chinese brands occupy the highlands and go global is an urgent problem for local brands. Since the 1980s, DCS, PLC, SCADA, etc. have supported the development pattern of industrial control technology and market field for more than 30 years. PLC has been flourishing in the field of electromechanical equipment and production process control in discrete manufacturing industry. This is because it basically meets more than 80% of the control needs in this field, and thanks to the structure and quality of PLC, it is reliable and cost-effective

plc sells the service to customers and the value generated to customers, rather than the product itself. Apart from the discussion on specific technologies such as new PLC modules, expandability, speed, stability and customization, Hollysys will focus on the most essential customer demand for PLC. PLC is just a code, and the real connotation lies in demand and application. Because when you focus on the needs of customers, different products just have different forms. Hollysys' products are not simple imitations. The most important thing is to deeply understand the real needs of industry users. Like other general PLC products, the functions can be used in many industries, but when it comes to a specific industry, the pertinence is not so strong, while Hollysys products are more precise and specific for some industries. In some industries, we can also aim at the practical problems of users who are not appropriate to measure the deflection by using the displacement of the beam, and have corresponding solutions in the whole product life cycle; In addition, Hollysys' products are very cost-effective. For example, many communication interfaces are required in most occasions. If a foreign brand PLC adds a communication interface, it must add a communication module. When Holly has only one speed control mode, the standard configuration of PLC integrates common communication interfaces. Users do not need to purchase a communication module separately to maximize their consideration for users. Save money for customers! Hollysys' services are not only the acceptance and removal of faults and complaints, but also the free training for PLC use, on-site commissioning guidance, pre-sales technical solutions, etc. These are the high-quality services that our customers can enjoy in Hollysys. In the service, we pay attention to the customer experience and customer needs, and then do every detail well, so our Hollysys service team is a strong competitiveness

with the rapid development of industrial automation, PLC, as an irreplaceable control means for the development of industrial automation, will also develop rapidly. In the future, if PLC wants to adapt to the development of industry, it must have the following characteristics: first, the functions of PLC control system should be richer according to the requirements of gb/t239 ⑴ 999. Signal acquisition function, output control function, logic processing function, data operation function, timing function, counting function, interrupt processing function, storage function, network communication function, etc. by enriching the above functions, create conditions for future industrial automation, remoteness, informatization and intellectualization; Secondly, improve the reliability of PLC. With the development of industrial automation, industrial production has higher and higher requirements for the reliability of electrical control equipment. PLC should have strong anti-interference ability and be able to work continuously and reliably in a very bad environment for a long time; Thirdly, PLC will be more convenient to use in the future. In terms of hardware, the hardware of PLC should be highly integrated, making the system integrated into various modules of serialization and standardization, so that it can be very convenient to use. In terms of software, PLC should use programs to establish control logic, and use programs to replace hardware wiring. Programming is much more convenient than hardware wiring; Finally, the application of PLC should pay more attention to industrialization. Because of its own characteristics and advantages, PLC has been widely used in industrial control

one of the greatest advantages of Hollysys is that it can find the problems in time, quickly adjust its thinking, and re-examine the market with a peaceful attitude. In fact, many opportunities and problems can only be found by calming down and looking at them from a different angle. In the future, only enterprises that really understand the industry will win the market. Hollysys not only provides customers with PLC products, but also provides integrated solutions for motion controllers, man-machine interfaces, frequency converters, motors, drives and other series of products and machine control. It also provides customers with pre-sales scheme configuration, system optimization, in-sales technical consultation, programming guidance, complete systems, after-sales product maintenance and spare parts, and truly tailor-made services for customers. In the future, Hollysys' products will continue to expand in the industrial network, motion control, electrical drive and other directions. If enterprises want to go further, they must pay more attention to their own development. Only when our core competitiveness is improved, can we seize more opportunities in the future. Hollysys precisely grasps the industry pulse and thus the way of PLC development


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