Hollysys enhances PLC product lineup

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Hollysys PLC products have developed from the original single FOPLC product series to two series of small integrated programmable controllers and general modular programmable controllers. Among them, the small integrated programmable controller belongs to the small PLC system, which can be used as a supporting product for printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, Huaibei City to strive for policy and financial support at all levels of the ceramic aluminum new material industry, plastic machinery and other equipment, with flexible use and extremely high cost performance; The general modular programmable controller is an upgraded product of the previous FOPLC products, which is applicable to various industries. In order to enrich our product series and make our PLC products have the concept of integrity, we have unified the naming of the company's PLC products. The new product is named intecontrol, pronounced ['intken 'trol], which means intelligent control. Intelligent control is an extension of control system and an interpretation of industrial automation. In the new nomenclature, what should be paid attention to when the small integrated programmable controller with unit switching function is intecontrolg? 3 series PLC, the universal modular programmable controller product is intecontrolg5 series PLC. You are welcome to ask for information

source: Huicong electric commerce


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