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The net profit of Jiangsu Xinggang packaging in 2018 increased by 83.32%

on April 25, Wuxi Xinggang Packaging Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province released its 2018 performance report, with a total operating income of 116million, an increase of 3.69% over the same period last year; During the reporting period, the company realized a net profit of about 7.57 million, an increase of 83.32% over the same period of the previous year. The company said that in the future, it will continue to focus on integrated packaging services, and produce and sell corrugated boxes (boards) by providing customers with integrated packaging services such as packaging product design, packaging scheme optimization, third-party procurement and packaging product logistics distribution, supplier inventory management and auxiliary packaging operations

during the reporting period, the company achieved an increase in operating revenue and net profit, mainly due to the weak turnover caused by the sharp rise in sales prices and the impact of the sharp rise in the price of base paper in the previous year. However, the price of base paper was stable and declined during the reporting period, but the sales price was not adjusted, so the profit increased significantly

in the future, Zhang Xin said the business plan or goal:

1. Market development plan. Deeply cultivate the original customers, actively explore new markets and customers, and improve the market share of the company

2. Human resource plan. Optimize the original performance appraisal system, strengthen the combination of appraisal and incentive mechanism, provide a development platform for employees and attract excellent talents

3. Strengthen internal control. Reduce business risks. In strict accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, continuously improve and standardize the construction of the company's internal control system, further guide the management to optimize the organizational structure and post setting, scientifically divide responsibilities and authorities, and strive to form an internal control organizational structure of "performing their own duties, assuming their own responsibilities, cooperating with each other, restricting each other, and linking each other"


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