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Hollysys: use intelligent control system to help the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

Hollysys: use intelligent control system to help the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

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in order to promote the transformation of China from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, the state has put forward the made in China 2025 program. Promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry to intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of made in China 2025

at present, China's manufacturing enterprises, especially the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, are facing the urgent situation of transformation and upgrading to intelligent manufacturing. The biggest difficulties they face are: the risk of technical solutions is large, the scale of project investment is large, which exceeds the bearing capacity of enterprises, and enterprises fall into the dilemma of advance and retreat

with the help of the intelligent control system platform of Beijing Hollysys System Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hollysys), the establishment of an intelligent manufacturing technology ecosystem can not only promote the construction of China's intelligent manufacturing technology standards, integrate industrial intellectual resources and form a joint force, but also effectively avoid the problem of repeated development and investment of intelligent manufacturing solution providers, promote division of labor and cooperation, and improve the social efficiency of the whole industry, Ensure the implementation quality of the scheme and reduce the project implementation risk

in addition, the management of Hollysys believes that the industrial cloud platform technology can reduce the investment scale for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, help solve the financial difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the majority of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in China

lack of platform

intelligent manufacturing projects have high technical risks and large investment scale, mainly due to the lack of core technologies, standards and platforms in intelligent manufacturing, and China's intelligent manufacturing ecosystem has not yet formed. If the technology platform of foreign companies is adopted, it is not conducive to ensuring China's industrial safety. Hollysys management believes that the use of autonomous and controllable intelligent control technology can not only help the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, but also ensure China's industrial safety

however, many of the solution service companies that should have focused on the application of segmented industries are repeatedly developing the underlying technology platform, resulting in rising solution costs and uneven solution levels

for a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, the investment payback period is required to be short, the investment scale for upgrading and transformation is small, and the technical scheme needs to comply with the principle of "one-time planning and step-by-step implementation". In addition, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects requires the cooperation of experts in technology, management and process. How to facilitate the use of three types of experts is also an important consideration to effectively reduce technical risks and implementation costs

in response to this, in order to effectively reduce the technical risk of manufacturing enterprises' transformation and upgrading to intelligent manufacturing, control the investment scale, and at the same time, 2. the recent situation and development trend of fixtures are conducive to ensuring China's industrial safety through independent and controllable technologies, Beijing Hollysys Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hollysys) has put forward the following solutions:

first, taking advantage of the company's long-term accumulated automation technology advantages, Develop public technology and product platforms that support intelligent manufacturing. For example, at the device level and workshop level, the intelligent controller is taken as the core to realize the unit control, coordination control and intelligent control at the device and workshop level, and undertake the information security protection at the workshop level. At the factory level and enterprise level, digital and intelligent chemical plants are built based on the intelligent control cloud platform

the second is to open the intelligent control cloud platform technology. As a public technology platform, it is provided to the application solution providers of various sub industries, build an intelligent manufacturing technology ecosystem, and promote the construction and improvement of intelligent manufacturing technology standards through the large-scale application in fact. From the level of cloud computing, ecosystems include information infrastructure providers (IAAs), intelligent control platform providers (PAAS) and industry segment application providers (SaaS)

among them, Hollysys plays the role of platform provider in the intelligent control field and some subdivision application providers

the intelligent control system platform integrating the four technologies

Hollysys is the result of the gradual platform evolution of the four technology trends of "big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and intelligence" based on the automation core technology accumulated by the company for a long time. It includes the following core products: intelligent controller, intelligent factory modeling tool, intelligent factory data service, industrial data bus, and intelligent factory human-computer interface

the function and performance of the intelligent controller are analyzed by using the microcomputer to stop data processing, which has greatly broken through the definition of the traditional PLC and become the central component of the workshop control and industrial IOT, including high-speed mechanical motion control, servo system network control, robot network coordination control and other functions; It supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, web browser, built-in information security protection, and web remote dimension. It is only licensed for financial protection, and the control scale can reach 10000 signals

the application-oriented graphical configuration mode of the intelligent factory modeling tool provides common industrial infrastructure libraries, supports inheritance and extension, object behavior description language based on JavaScript, and service interface description language based on XML, which can easily establish the digital virtual model of the physical factory

intelligent factory data service software provides unified data storage, processing and information interaction services for various intelligent control cloud applications, and also carries out data exchange with physical factories. Meet the requirements for fast concurrent processing at the scale of millions of devices

the factory data bus provides a consistent data interaction interface for the digital access of factory physical equipment to the cloud. Provide cross platform real-time, history, alarm, event service interfaces and unstructured data service interfaces, and embed information security protocols to ensure safe access to industrial production

intelligent factory human-computer interface is a transparent factory display software and human-computer remote mobile operation interaction software based on cloud computing platform. It supports cross platform applications, mobile clients, secondary development interfaces, third-party application plug-ins, rich industrial graphic object libraries, and user oriented graphic configuration tools

confirmatory application

at the enterprise level information application level, Hollysys has become the first batch of enterprises to pass the evaluation of the integration management system of industrialization and informatization of the Ministry of industry and information technology in april2015

at present, Hollysys intelligent control system platform is carrying out device level, workshop level and factory level solution test and verification in the electronic manufacturing factory subordinate to the group, so as to further complete the automation and information integration from device level, workshop level, factory level to enterprise level, and lay a solid foundation for intelligent application. It is reported that the verification project is expected to complete phase I verification in 2015 and phase II verification in 2016

because Hollysys adheres to the principles of object-oriented, user-oriented and use-oriented to develop and package the intelligent control system platform, it maximizes the reusability of public technologies and avoids repeated development of underlying support technologies during project implementation

at the same time, it reduces the user's perception, understanding and application difficulty of the complexity of intelligent control public basic technology, thus reducing the construction and implementation cost of intelligent manufacturing projects and improving the implementation quality of projects

due to the open platform, the knowledge and software of industry application experts can be loaded at any time. Thanks to the support of the public technology platform, Hollysys' team members are mainly composed of industry application experts and management experts, supplemented by information technology experts during the implementation of the validation project. The factory level operation indicators of the validation factory were optimized. The delivery time was shortened from 7 days to 1 day, and the material turnover days were shortened from 30 days to 10 days. On the premise of ensuring that the pass rate was 99.99%, the pass through rate was increased from 95% to 99.5%, and the labor force was reduced by 40%


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