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Technological innovation is the cornerstone of the development of the coating industry

the China coating industry information annual conference has closed in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The conference reviewed the overall operation and characteristics of the coating industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, analyzed the data of the coating industry in the first half of 2016, and discussed the situation faced by the coating industry and the future development trend of China's coating industry. It is understood that the coating industry performed well in the petrochemical industry in the first half of this year, which is consistent with the upward trend in previous years

the highlight of this conference is the technological innovation of coating products. The so-called technological innovation is the cornerstone of industry development. It is understood that Shandong Qilu paint industry Co., Ltd., a domestic paint giant, shared the innovative development of the paint market with the magnet strip pressing test sample company, badfu group and Shandong Lehua paint industry Co., Ltd

first of all, the environment-friendly coating attracted the high attention of the participating experts. Shandong Lehua paint industry Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a water-based environment-friendly modified alkyd wood coating. According to jiangxianhua, the manager, "Lehua paint industry has adopted a water-oil two-way initiator system grafting reaction to synthesize a water-based alkyd resin, which has been successfully applied to the water-based modified alkyd wood coating. The storage stability, water resistance and other properties of the coating are very excellent, greatly exceeding the requirements of the national standard."

secondly, the marine antifouling coating technology has also been greatly improved. Shandong Qilu paint Co., Ltd. developed a low surface energy marine antifouling coating, said xiezhimin, deputy general manager, "The traditional antifouling coating has the disadvantages of easy failure, difficult removal, toxicity and low efficiency. The new low surface energy marine antifouling coating of Qilu paint industry uses the self polishing mechanism of the coating to change the physical and chemical properties of the coating surface, and uses the bionic technology of biomaterials to reduce the free energy of the surface. The antifouling coating produced shows that our Jinan experimental machinery factory has good product quality, many customers and high service level Low, effectively preventing the attachment of marine organisms, with a long-term effect and meeting the requirements of environmental protection. "

finally, a variety of high-performance products have become a new situation in the building coating industry, and the development prospect of the building coating market is bright. Mr. ctobobby, vice president of bardful group, said, "high-performance and environmental friendly architectural coatings are the current development trend. Recoating concept, DIY and green home are the popular directions. Bardful has provided a variety of high-performance products to cope with the emerging situation of the architectural coatings industry. Mr. Bobby believes that the future of architectural coatings will be brighter."

the development path of the coating market is closely related to the coating raw material market. As the upstream market of the coating industry, coating raw materials are crucial to the development of its downstream market. At the meeting, Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Baolijia Chemical Co., Ltd. elaborated on the more reasonable and stable application of raw materials in the coating market

according to zhanggaofeng, deputy general manager of Runtai chemical, "the film-forming auxiliary products play a good auxiliary role in the coating system, and have a good reflection on the stability, compatibility, freeze-thaw resistance, washing resistance, dispersion efficiency and wetting effect of lotion." As we all know, the amount of additives used in unit quality coatings is small, but they play a big role. At present, there is a lack of statistics on the total consumption of additives in the coating industry. According to expert estimates, the consumption of additives in 2014 was 577000 tons, with a sales output value of 17.3 billion yuan, an increase of 70.7% and 69.6% respectively over 2010, and an average annual increase of 14.14% and 13.92%. In addition, the substitution and prohibition of some toxic and harmful additives, such as alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (APEO) additives, have reached a consensus in the industry, which has promoted the development of low toxic additives in the coating industry. The increase and rapid development of domestic auxiliary manufacturers are gratifying, but there is still a big gap in quality and performance compared with foreign auxiliary varieties. It is believed that in the future, raw material suppliers will continue to follow the path of innovation, which will contribute to the development of downstream markets

the trend of raw material market is high

according to the data of the coating special committee of the Chinese society of chemical industry, although the domestic economic environment is not ideal, the total output of China's large-scale coating enterprises has exceeded 10 million tons from January to July 2016, reaching 10.0738 million tons, an increase of 6.92% year-on-year. For raw material suppliers, the steady growth in the output of the coating industry is good news

in recent days, international oil prices have risen, and raw material suppliers have begun to raise prices. According to the monitoring data of Huicong chemical, titanium dioxide, ethylene glycol butyl ether, dimethyl carbonate, etc. have increased by varying degrees

titanium dioxide rose most rapidly. With the rising price of titanium dioxide, the titanium dioxide industry has benefited from it. On August 22, Bailian released the 2016 semi annual report. The net profit increased by 52.49% over the same period of the previous year, reaching 71.1097 million yuan, while the operating income was only 1.317 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.25% over the same period of the previous year

dimethyl carbonate has been rising continuously since May this year. Taking the East China market as an example, it has been raised from 3900 yuan/ton to 4700 yuan/ton, an increase of 20.5%. It is understood that dimethyl carbonate (DMC) is a product that has developed rapidly to replace benzene and other harmful solvents. It has developed rapidly in China. In 2014, DMC had a national capacity of 635000 tons, a capacity under construction of 190000 tons, and 76 production enterprises. The average price is equal to or lower than that of benzene solvents, which provides good conditions for replacing benzene and other harmful solvents

the price of solvent grade xylene has been raised since July, with an average ex factory price of 4973 yuan/ton in July and 5035 yuan/ton in August, an increase of 1.2%; The average price of butyl acetate was raised from 4664 yuan/ton in July to 812 yuan/ton in August, an increase of 3.2%. The reasons for the upsurge of the two solvent products are analyzed, which are caused by the upsurge of international oil prices and the sharp rise of raw material prices

in addition, since June 15 this year, the price of ethylene glycol butyl ether has continued to rise. Taking the East China market as an example, it has been raised from 7150 yuan/ton to 8800 yuan/ton, an increase of 23%. The reason is that the trend of raw material ethylene oxide is high, which affects domestic ethylene glycol butyl ether manufacturers to rise under cost pressure

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