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Hollysys DCS controller simulation software simurts was officially released

with the continuous maturity and development of DCS software, the convenience of system configuration and debugging has become a key development direction, and the simulation function of the software is particularly important. The convenience and ease of use of the simulation function will change the workflow and efficiency of the current project, and make remote diagnosis and analysis become realistic and possible; At the same time, it will change the existing maintenance service mode and mode, and greatly reduce the labor cost

after more than a year of research and development, Hollis simurts has independently developed HOLLIAS simurts series controller simulation software, which has been released in three versions, namely:

simurts V1.1.0 corresponds to the upper computer Macs V1.1.0 system

simurts v1.3.0 corresponds to the upper computer Macs v5.2.3 system

simurts v1.4.0 corresponds to the upper computer Macs v6.1.5 system

these three versions have been officially released and put into the market

users, developers, engineers, debuggers, testers and maintainers of DCS products can use simurts software to realize the download and operation functions of control logic, so as to achieve the purposes of control logic test, verification and test, which can be completed on an ordinary computer without any controller hardware

simurts software can also be seamlessly connected with DCS server software and operator station software, so that the software can be used for the demonstration and training of the whole DCS system, and can be applied in the pre-sales demonstration, in-sales training and after-sales service of the whole DCS product system

at present, the main DCS products at home and abroad have the function of controller simulation, which has been positioned as one of the necessary functions of DCS products. Simurts software will also be matched with all existing and future versions of DCS software products of the company, and will be applied and promoted in various DCS industries of the company. At present, simurts software has been widely used in large thermal power unit simulation projects, with complete software functions and stable use

simurts main functions are described as follows:

1. Algorithm logic simulation: it can completely simulate the real master control, and simulate the field configuration operation through the logic configuration installed in the engineer station, including the inter station communication function

2. Single domain simulation: all control stations in a single domain can be simulated on one computer, and each control station is not affected, ensuring a minimum period of 50ms

3. Visual interface: a simple operation interface is provided to monitor the operation status of each station. The status light display is basically consistent with the actual DCS controller

4. Fault simulation function: it provides all fault simulation functions related to level 1 of DCS system. Faults can be set through the fault interface and transmitted to the upper computer for display. Faults include: module fault, channel fault, establishing a green, low-carbon and efficient industrial new image master control fault, etc

5. Teaching and control console management: it provides the function of teaching and control console, which can realize simple command sending, and also provides working condition management and event playback. Its changes will involve downstream power supply, glass and other industrial functions, which can meet the needs of simple data simulation

6. Simulation data processing: it can process the actual data of the external simulation site, and give the output data within a certain time. At the same time, the upper computer can monitor the relevant data

7. Simulation model function: provide model simulation controller, which can calculate according to logic configuration and periodically send data to common simulation controller for use, so that its data link forms a closed-loop loop loop to realize all simulation of level 1 and field data

8. User management: different users and passwords can be set to avoid misoperation caused by unauthorized users and meet the needs of security management


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